"KRG directly responsible for any suffering that students face".
"KRG directly responsible for any suffering that students face".
  2023-05-21     314 جار بینراوە    

"KRG Prime Minister and his deputy are directly responsible for any suffering and any punishment that students face".


I strongly condemn the campaign of arbitrary arrest and dispersal of peaceful student protesters by brutal force.

The civil and peaceful protests of students are a right provided by law and constitution, therefore, deploying security forces and arbitrary detention of holding-pen young people clearly shows the weakness and incompetence of government and authorities with regard to responding to the students' legitimate demands for their funds.


According to the law, only a group among the security forces has the right to deal with the demonstrations, which is the riot police and they protect the protests and public property. Therefore, we logically ask what the purpose of deploying various military forces, moving various military vehicles and stationing them at the gates of university colleges and institutes? Isn't it better for the authorities to allocate enough money to respond to students' demands instead of spending all that cash on tear gas, rubber bullets and deploying military forces.


In any suffering or any punishment incident that students confront, we directly hold KRG Prime Minister and his deputy accountable, and we call on them to release the students, teachers and young people who have been recently arrested by their forces immediately and put an end to the militarization of universities and institutes.


Omar Gulpi

Member of Kurdistan parliament

November 25, 2021


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