More than 200 Petrol Stations Operate Without Official Permission
More than 200 Petrol Stations Operate Without Official Permission
  2023-02-16     347 جار بینراوە    

In Kurdistan, more than 200 petrol stations operate without official permission, most of them with party officials in power.


More than 200 different-size petrol stations operate in Kurdistan without government permission, more than half of which are only within the border of Duhok province, and the others are divided into Sulaimaniyah, Erbil, Halabja and the administration. The uprising and Garmian, these fuel stations, do not pay taxes to the government except for the lack of a one-dinar license, and some do not abide by the conditions of safety and environment, most of which are behind the ruling parties and officials, Otherwise, a normal citizen can't spend a lot of money building a petrol station and doesn't have permission! that the construction of each petrol station is about 60,000 to 1 million dollars and more than the size of its warehouse, pump and design.


The petrol station permit, filled with a deadly routine, which requires a deal of fourteen offices, and requires more than two years until the license expires, has citizens who have not yet responded to their request for more than two years, but he Party officials and officials from both parties do not need that expectation, even working without permission, and the construction of the deadly routine is only to reduce the number of petrol stations and further monopolise them.


Because of this situation, administration and corruption have been put in place, a number of petrol stations, whether they have permission or those that do not, regardless of the safety and standards conditions. They are working, and there is a possibility of danger to people's lives. In this case, children and schools have not even been considered, and in some cases municipalities have changed the land allocated for greenery to petrol stations.


I have been working for more than six months to investigate this issue, particularly following up on the implementation of The Council of Ministers's Resolution 2134 on January 2, 2020, which is dedicated to reorganizing petrol stations, stores and oil fields. And their products and sales, in line with safety, quality and environment standards, as well as the implementation of Law No. 3 of 2021, we will take all parliamentary and legal procedures into our work, and we will continue to follow up.


Omar Gulpi

Member of finance committee in Kurdistan parliament



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